We're Engaged!We're Engaged!

We're Engaged!

October 11, 2018

Thank you everyone for all of your kind messages and comments from our engagement. It truly was the most magical, special and one of the best days of my life; I got asked by my best friend to be his forever.

I thought it was just another typical day of us touring around; Jared and his teammates always get Sundays off, so we decided to head to this beautiful view point in Switzerland called Fronalpstock. We walked around, I got some photos and wanted to get a nice photo of Finn, Jared and I. Little did I know a proposal was coming... The feeling I had in those moments are unexplainable. I was shaking, crying, nervous, excited, there were so many emotions going through my body it honestly didn’t even feel real. It was the most perfect moment! 

For those of you who don't really know Jared or our story. He plays hockey in Switzerland, which is why Finnie and I are always going out there. We met 2 summers ago in Kelowna, where we both live together in the summers. 

I wanted us to both share something on this post, so Jared is sharing how we met:

"I was always told that I would meet my soul mate when I’d least expect it.  The story of Jordan and I was exactly that.  I was recovering from knee surgery and I was given the ok to start riding the stationery bike.  Being someone who finds cardio extremely boring I figured I would look into doing spin classes to help make my rehab a little bit more exciting.  Little did I know, I wasn’t just rehabbing my injury, I was also going to meet my better half.  

Jordan was the instructor for my first spin class and I remember approaching her to tell her about my injury and how limited I was. Even though I couldn’t meet all of the demands of a spin class, I wanted to do what I could in a more upbeat and motivating atmosphere than a regular gym would offer.  The way Jordan took charge and the words she spoke brought me to a very special place, a place I will always appreciate and remember. It was the first time I ever felt a connection with my beautiful mom who passed away 3 years prior to that class.  My beautiful Mom and I were always very close, so this moment hit me hard emotionally, but it was also very uplifting and inspiring.  A moment I will carry in my heart forever & Jordan is the person I have to thank for that.

Jordan’s spin class was so heartfelt  & encouraging that I thought it was important to share my story on my Instagram feed.  I tagged both Spinco (the spin studio) & Jordan in my post to let them know how appreciative I was for her words and the workout itself.  It was that Instagram post, plus our mutual friend Patrick that helped get our relationship started.

Patrick introduced me to Jordan in a more personal way and then we started following each other on instagram.  Any instagram story I would post, Jordan was quick to fire off a bad attempt at a chirp or some sort of challenge.  Jordan tries very hard to have funny chirps, but I think they would only work in grade school haha.  The effort didn’t go unnoticed though.  I loved her competitive nature and her goofy and quirky ways.  I thought to myself, “she’s beautiful, athletic & funny already, I wonder what more I can learn about her?”

We started doing so many fun activities together and spending almost everyday together.  If we didn’t have time for a date day, I was still lucky enough to get to ride her spin classes and see her on the daily.  

 Everyday our relationship continued to grow and it was very early that I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I am extremely thankful for Jordan and to this day I feel that my beautiful mom, in some way, brought Jordan into my life.  

Life is fragile and even though Jordan will never get to meet my beautiful Mom, I know she is watching over us with a full heart, huge smile and proud that I have asked someone so amazing to be my wife and her daughter in law. I love you Monkey!  Thank you for being my Forever!!"

*Hold on while I finish crying*

 Things really were history from there, we clicked immediately and meshed so well together. Everything was just so easy and perfect with him. Even once he left for Switzerland and our relationship was tested with long distance, there wasn’t one moment where either of us doubted our trust or strength in each other or in our relationship. I have never experienced that before and it truly was refreshing. I knew right away he was the person I wanted to spend my life with. Long distance really did make us stronger, as did living together in summers. Both were tests in our relationship and both made us grow as a couple equally as strong. Regardless of distance, work, time changes, we make it work. Yes long distance is tough, but as long as you have a solid relationship built on 100% strong trust and love, as sappy as that sounds, its not as hard as a lot of people make it out to be.

I never thought that him riding my spin class would lead us to where we are now; getting our adorable puppy finnie and now being engaged. As he said, it really was unexpected, but life has quite a funny and magical way or working out.

I am still sitting here thinking like holy shit I am getting married!!

We recently shot some engagement photos in Zurich, however but these images are from the exact moments of him asking me to marry him.

The place where a new journey started!

Ring designed by: Chase Gregory

Photos by: Dion Knelson


Carissa Agarand Oct 15 at 06:15 am

Awe so happy for you Jordan! You deserve the world. Congratulations on your engagement, happy wedding planning. Xo

Big PapieOct 12 at 05:06 pm

That’s twice you guys have made me cry !! Love you both ????

Big PapieOct 12 at 05:06 pm

That’s twice you guys have made me cry !! Love you both ????