holiday gift guide.

December 19, 2018

It’s crunch time!! I am now in the midst of trying to scramble to get my last minute Christmas shopping done, and I know some (most) of you are too!

I have gathered a few gift and/or stocking stuffer ideas that won’t completely break the bank, and foolproof for that special someone. Plus,  we can't forget about all of our Christmas gatherings that sometimes result in a hostess gift, or gifts for your girlfriends! 

Here is a simple, wallet friendly gift guide for you last minute shoppers out there!


This is an easy gift or stalking stuffer, I personally like the Corkcicle brand better than my Swell because you can fit ice in it. The simple things in life right? They are great for keeping your drinks cold or your coffee hot! You can find them locally at Ginger Lilly.


Passport Holder

I was in desperate need of one of these this year, so I ended up doing a self purchase while IChristmas shopping. OOPS. The Matt & Nat version won my heart over, and I also love the one listed above at a lower price point (only $15)! I personally prefer one that has a zipper, because I have A LOT of shit, and lose my shit every easily. But for someone more responsible the one listed above is a great size and fits everything!


Hair Hair Hair

Scrunchies make the ultimate stalking stuffers. POMME Salon always has a fresh supply of scrunchies, from your basic colours to leopard prints; They also create amazing hair bundles if you’re looking for a hair gift! The POMME squad ladies are experts and can help you find the perfect hair box! Some good staple products to purchase are a hair brush, night serum, or a hydrating oil. The POMME squad is there to help you out if this is gibberish to you. 


Every day jewels

If you’re looking for a an everyday-wear trending piece of jewellery, Lavender & Grace is always (and I mean ALWAYS) my go-to. One of my favourite pieces by her is the ‘Jo Necklace’ pictured above. We also designed a limited edition collab collection thats featured in my shop section if you missed out!



Maybe be careful of how you present this? We don't need anyone getting the wrong idea by telling someone they need to workout. BUT if your friend, girlfriend, whatever it is loves working out or has been talking about it, get them a class card or gift card to their favourite fitness studio! Or one they have been dying to try! In Kelowna my favourite workouts are Barreroom, SPINCO, Orange Theory and of course my 1 on 1 Kickboxing at Alliance with Sean.


Ugg Slippers

I wear mine every. damn. day. So I ask for a pair every 1-2 years because I get so much use out of them. They really are my favourite slipper and you cannot go wrong with them! They are a great his or her gift. I got majority of the people in my family these as gifts this year (hopefully they don't read this)

The Simple Things

Boxers and socks are my yearly go-to’s. Lululemon, SAXX, or My Package now known as BN3TH boxers are generally what I will buy for Jared and he loves them! The BN3TH and SAXX boxers are fun because you can buy funky designs (yes funky). Basic Under Armour or Lululemon socks are always a safe bet! If he has to wear a suit, go with a fun and bold dress sock!



If you know what kind of cologne he wears and  he’s running low. This is always a safe gift to get! You know he will use it, and will love it! This brand is the one Jared ways, obviously its my favourite.



If you know your man loves his watches, even though the price point is higher, a nice leather Daniel Wellington watch or if he’s active you can't go wrong with an Apple Watch.


Passport Holder

If your man travels a lot or your dad, whomever it may be, Bellroy designs really nice wallet/passport holders that are a classic leather, so will wear nicely! This one even comes with a small pen in it, how handy is that?!


Herschel Bathroom bag

I actually got one of these for myself thank you MAN WOMAN, and because Herschel makes such great unisex accessories, and some guys bathroom bags can be so ratty, this is a perfect 'For Him' gift! The Herschel bags are a great price point (under $50) and they have a lot of space! This is coming from someone who ALWAYS overpacks and I find I have more than enough room in these.

I find hostess gifts to be one of the most complicated gifts to find. Maybe it’s because “couple” gatherings are new for me and I’m usually the kid that just tags along with their parents. The last couple years Jared and I are constantly having to think of hostess/friend gifts to bring over.


Poppin' Bottles

Some good bubbly or a bottle of wine. For those Kelowna locals reading this; We are literally surrounded by some of the best wineries, a few of my favs are Quails Gate, Fitz, Poplar Grove's Cab Franc, to name a few (there’s a lot more of you want to leave questions in comments)


Candle Co.

Candles. Not just any candle, these locally sourced, handmade, soy based candles are the most magnificent smelling candles you will ever come across. I get headaches very easily from candles and I have at least 5 different scents by Okanagan Candle Co. on rotation. I also really like their room/linen spray and melting waxes! I'm currently using their entire winter collection.


Charcuterie Accessories

I like these for friend gifts as well. They always get used and are such dainty gifts. Generally my one stop shop for these types of gifts is Chapters Indigo. I flipping love that store, I could live in it. If you want to go to one place to search for hostess gifts. That’s your spot.



Flowers are always a basic staple. There’s a new flower shop that just opened up in Kelowna called Host. They create gorgeous arrangements, in stunning, simplistic vases. They also carry tons of small items to add to your gift, from oils, to candles to handmade cards.